International Adoption Book

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Thought From Daddy

It is the beginning of our adoption process. I am very anxious to see the beautiful child that will be delivered to our family in the near future. I hope that the Adoption Agency we choose will treat us as well as CHI (Children's Hope International) did last time. Wish us luck!!!

Adopting Again...

That's right... We're at it again. There's this feeling of desperation as this overwhelming need to find a child, who you know is waiting for you somewhere in this magnificent world of ours, comes over you. That feeling can sometimes seem to bury the other, just as important, aspects in one's life (like waking up: Who wants to wake up from that amazing dream about the new child you are working so hard to bring home? Not me... I want to keep dreaming about those twins from China)!

We have already been very blessed with two amazing children: Our son, M, who was adopted in 2003 from Hawaii and our daughter, C, who was adopted from China in 2006. Both journeys of adoption were unique and wonderful, filled with ups and downs that we, emotionally, never thought we would be able to endure. But we did and were given such amazing gifts. M is a special little boy with a sense of family and a heart of gold that is incomparable. C is such a warm and vibrant child who clings to those she loves and communicates through ASL.

We absolutely love their birth mothers for trusting us to give their children the love and family they so richly deserve. We know how much trust it took for them to entrust their children to complete strangers. We can only hope to live up to their expectations, hopes, and dreams. It is a mighty responsibility; one which we are well prepared to traverse!

So, we begin another journey to bring home another precious soul to love, cherish, and nurture.