International Adoption Book

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Repo Man...

So, we have finally gotten all our documents shipped out to the company that is helping us repossess the property we were selling. It has been a long hard road; one that we will never traverse again since it left us in a huge bind, both emotionally and financially! Partly because of the lack of finality of the sale we lost our child, for which I am SO VERY ANGRY! It's a horrific feeling to KNOW that you are meant to do something and travel down a certain road but to continously find that the path blocked!

Yes, I am still upset about not being able to continue down the path to Ethiopia. I still get teary-eyed and I still get depressed. But I am moving forward. There is nothing else that I can do. The guy who was doing our home study has yet to finally complete the document (even though he told us more than 2 months ago that is was complete) and has continuously lied about the process, progress and his activities on our behalf. I think he was a scam... But we were stuck in his grasp and couldn't get out from under his thumb. As an adoptive family we are often living our life at the whim of others. It is a painful reminder that we are dependant upon the good will of a multitude people to help our family grow. But, we continue to leap towards this end, no matter how rough/difficult the road becomes, in order to fulfill the dream of holding our own children!

Adopting again is a goal I am looking forward to and am almost desperate to fulfill. As I look around our bedroom I can see our Ethiopian son sleeping peacefully in the crib by our bed. I can hear his cries as he waits for me to pick him up and comfort him. I can see him looking at me with those big, beautiful, dark eyes above high cheekbones as he plays in the bath. I can smell the oils that keep his hair and skin moist. I can see him sitting right in the middle of M and C as we get ready for our first family photo!

So... Here's hoping that the property issue resolves itself quickly and Matt returns home safely so that we can (again) begin the process to bring home our next angel!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

What's Up?

Nothing... That's what! With the ending of our adoption process and nothing to do really until school starts in early September, we are just pacing around the house. We did enjoy a visit from several family members during their visit to the area.

My little cousin (who still seems like he's only 5 or 10 years old) is joining the Army. He's due to leave for Basic Training this upcoming week. He came up here to Ft. Lewis for a medical clearance so we were able to visit with him. He seems so excited. We are so very proud of him and truly hope that he enjoys his newfound independence. This new and unique life will hopefully be fun and exciting, providing him with lots of opportunities that he might otherwise not have gotten. Good Luck T!!! Have fun in the gas chamber, take good aim when throwing those live grenades and enjoy the road marches!!! ;)

M and C are so very ready to start school. We've been doing some preparations: bought school supplies, went school clothes shopping and submitted documents for their special needs. C is going to be attending a new school this year. M will be attending with her. The really interesting thing is that M's therapist wants him to go to 1st grade, so much of the paper work we had been taking care of included things to transfer him to the new school and new grade level as well. Both kids will ride the bus, so now I don't have to worry about the conflicting schedules (which is a huge relief). And, since we now have them being picked up and dropped off together at our front door I can start looking into taking some ASL courses!!! Yippie!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Music Man

"Oh. I shouldn't a done that. And by the way... I love you Nana!" This from M when he finished watching his video (seen below) and realized he left his poor Nana out. Little man definitely misses his family and always asks about his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. We all miss you guys!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sad News For Our Family

It is with extreme sadness that Matt and I must inform our readers that we will no longer be able to move forward with the adoption of our next child at this particular juncture. The failure of the sale of our property combined with Matt's upcoming deployment and C's continued bonding delay (with Daddy) has stopped our forward momentum.

I am crushed to the limits of my endurance, though I recognize the need for our decision. I hope you will all bear with us as we make this final change. We hope to add to our family through adoption again, though it will be a few years coming.

We truly believe there is another child out there waiting for us. I will be praying for his/her safety during the long wait for us to bring him/her home. In the mean time, we will continue to save in the hopes of doing just that!

Wishing you all much peace (and hoping I can find my own),
Matt & Manette

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Yes, the old adage about what kids say is still true, especially on this day.

The reality of life is that women are cursed by a fairly regular monthly flow. Terms of endearment usually coincide with this flow... 'Uncle Tom is visiting'. 'It's that time of month'. My personal favorite is, 'The Red Sea is flowing again'. Needless to say, it is nearing that time for me. And because Matt had to go to the store for some french bread for dinner, I figured what better time to buy the necessary equipment than when I'm not around.

So, down the health care isle Matt goes, dragging M along with him. As Matt picks up my trusty choice and places it in his basket, M begins to ask Daddy some questions.

"Is that for Mom? Is she bleeding again? Does she need more bandaides?" What else am I suposed to tell my 6 year old son what I am wearing. It's not like I have any privacy when it comes to bathroom time. He doesn't care in the least that I need a minute to myself.


Of course, since it is a payday weekend, the commisary was packed, and, according to Matt, the isle wasn't empty. He said people were trying not to giggle too loudly.

"Boy, Mom sure does bleed a lot, doesn't she?" By this time, I'm surprised the folks who were listening in hadn't wet their pants with laughter.

"Yes, she sure does, son," was blurted out as they raced out of the isle.

Not one to usually get embarassed about these types of things, I think this one did Matt in! Of course, he had to tell me all about it when he got home. But, did I have any sympathy? Oh no!!! I laughed the entire time. And boy was I thanking God that it happened to Matt and not me... I might have died from embarassment!!!


"Mom, I wanna look like a porkypine!"

This statement came out of the blue from M at around 7:00 Friday night. Hmm... Okay. I wonder where this is leading?

"You want to look like a porcupine?"

"Yep. Like I did when I was a little kid and a baby."

For once Matt got to interpret for M (and boy was he excited). "He wants you to cut his hair like you used to when he was little. Right son?!?"

Sincere and emphatic nodding was coming from M. So, up the stairs we went towards my personal salon... My bathroom. It took some time, but we were able to get his hair cut and now he looks like a "porkypine".