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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Horrors

Poor M has been dealing with what seems to be an asthma attack that started late Tuesday evening. On Wednesday his asthma flared up dramatically and we've been fighting it like crazy cakes since then. He's finally getting better (I can tell a huge difference today). We didn't allow M to go outside and play since Tuesday so that we could get him over this attack swifter in the hopes of having a good night for Halloween. He still wasn't remotely up to par but was able to breathe enough to walk door to door.

Matt and I conned one of the "single soldiers" (a married Sergeant Major whose family is still residing at his previous duty station) to come to our house to pass out candy while Matt and I took the kids out trick-or-treating. His payment was a homecooked meal!

M dressed up as Obe-won-kanobe (sorry about the spelling) while C dressed up as a little witch. I had fun helping her get ready because she let me put make-up on her... She looked great and the first family we passed let us know that she looked pretty awesome!

The kids walked for four blocks during which time their baskets became about 1/2 filled. On post there are specific times that you may go out trick-or-treating: 6:00 - 8:00. We didn't even come close to utilizing that entire time! The kids had fun for about an hour. C started getting worn out and was ready to go home just 45 minutes after we left the house; in fact, Daddy had to carry her nearly the entire return trip. She began the journey with GREAT excitement (though not nearly as much as M). I think she used all of her energy too early in the night.

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Mom 2 Joe and LilyRose said...

WOW Manette,

The kids looked great. I hope they enjoyed the night. How's M feeling? I hope he's better.

I am so not a fan of Halloween, but my kids sure are. They looked really great too. I am just glad the day is over. haha

I hope all is well with you and tell Matt I said hello. Talk to you soon.

Love to you all

Lisa, Anthony, Joseph & LilyRose