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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November Kid Photos

Since I finally downloaded the photos off my camera I thought I would take a moment to share some of the pictures we took this past month, although they were pretty much all taken on the same day... November 7th for their school pictures. Both kiddos took adorable photos (I'm not pasting them here since they are copyrighted). C ended up falling down and tearing up her panyhose and her fanny while M was sent home with a step 4, yet again. In all actuality, though, he wasn't nearly as poorly behaved as pervious incidents. In this case he and another little boy were running in the cafeteria (a big no-no). When the other little boy saw the teacher he stopped running and turned around to tell M to stop running, also. He ended up putting his hand into M's chest. M thought he was being attacked so turned around and slugged this other child in the head giving him a nice egged sized knot on his temple. M sucker-punched this other kid! Ugh... But, at least both M and C had their photos taken prior to either of their incidents!!! Here's what they looked like before school:

M's Self Portrait:

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Carol and Taylor said...

Hi manette,

Can you read my blog from the past couple days, and give any advice you might have in dealing with my naughty daughter??

While I realize that my daughter's role in life is to slowly drive me insane, I didn't think it would have happened this quickly. I thought I had at least until her teens before that happened. Silly me.

Hugs from miami,