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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belated Happy Easter

So I'm late, as usual, with my holiday post. But, what's new? I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday. We celebrated a day early beacuse my sister had to work on Sunday night. She needed to be able to get a good day's rest so that she wouldn't fall asleep answering 911 calls... We all know how horrid that would end up!!! For her and the people on the other end of the line!

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed our time together, though it would have been nicer had Matt been able to be with us (but that's to be expected with a deployment). ;) Needless to say, the rest of us had a nice time. I've added a few photos for your entertainment! Enjoy...


blessedmomto7 said...

Looks like a beautiful place to have Easter. Would you email me when you get a minute?

Mary Ellen said...

Such beautiful children and great pix. Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hey Manette,
How is everything going? I miss seeing you guys around. How is the newest one doing? Due in Sep right?
Say high to the kids for me, they look awesome in the pictures! If you want you can e-mail me at
Thanks for everything, like I said, miss seeing you guys!! ... Rich