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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome Home


Matt arrived safely back in the US yesterday afternoon (1:00pm Pacific). He phoned just as I was walking out the door to let me know they had just landed in Bangor, Maine. He said that was the loudest landing he had ever heard. When I asked him to clarify (since I'm afraid of flying, I had all these concerns running instantly through my head), he said that the cheers that were emmitting from the returning soldiers was both deafening and inspiring. Just hearing the description of their joy at arriving home safely was enough to give me goose bumps as tears welled up in my eyes. I was so happy for them. He called again at nearly 8:00pm last night to tell me that they had landed safely at McCord AFB in Washington and would be getting on a bus for the short drive to Ft. Lewis and his bed as soon as they got their bags off the plane. He said he would call me again as soon as they got back to Post. At 10:00 he called to tell me that it would be a little while longer (they still hadn't unloaded the luggage) and by 10:30 I was wiped out from pure excitement of the day. So, when I still didn't have a phone call I just went to bed. I was smart, though... I took the phone. And at 10:40pm he finally called. Since I had important information about our housing, which he will get today, to impart, I had to get back up. We didn't chat for long. He said he'll call again today to chat with me some more.

But, the important part is...


Our next struggle? We're just hoping to make it out to see Matt's mom before she passes away... Which may not be too much longer. She's been bravely hanging on to every last breath, so we're hoping and praying that she can hang on just a little longer... Long enough, at least, for Matt to complete the reintegration training, which is the soonest he is allowed to take leave (unless she passes away, then he can take leave to go to her funeral).

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