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Friday, June 25, 2010

Johnson Family Tries To Bring Home Russian Daughter

"Friday, June 25, 2010
Portrait Giveaway by National Portrait Artist!!!

We have our first Giveaway to announce!!! This is a HUGE Giveaway!!! Patricia McMahon Rice, a National Portrait Artist ( ) has donated a portrait to help us bring our daughter home!!! This artist's portraits can cost up to $3,400 depending on the style and size of the portrait!!!

Anyone donating a minimum of $20 will be entered once in the giveway!! Anyone making a donation of $50 or more will be entered in the giveaway THREE times!!! Anyone who donates $100 or more will be entered into the giveaway TEN times!!!

Anyone who has entered the drawing but also posts a link to the giveaway on their blog, website or Facebook will automatically have one additional entry in the drawing!! If you post a link to the giveaway let me know by emailing me at with the link to your blog, website or Facebook!! As soon as we're able to verify that someone who has entered the giveaway has posted a link to our giveaway we'll add an additional entry to the giveaway in your name!!!

I'm picking my favorite type of portrait for the giveaway!!! The winner of the giveaway will receive a pastel head and shoulders portrait of anyone they choose!! The artist will do the portrait off of photos chosen by the winner or if the winner is local to the artist (she is located in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC) they can arrange for a photo shoot with the artist!! This means you don't have to live in the local area to enter the giveaway!! The winner of the giveaway will have the option to upgrade their portrait to another style of portrait (oil, black and white charcoal etc) or to add addition people to the portrait or increase the size of the portrait. However they will have to make arrangements with the artist to pay the difference in price between the portrait they have won and the added people/size/style.

For more information on the artist check out her bio: .

For families who are local to Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC the artist has also donated a semester of classes in her private home studio in Northern Virginia. This will be offered as our second giveaway!! This giveaway will last for 8 weeks!! The winner will be announced by the end of August!! Classes are offered for both kids and adults in many different art styles including: pastels, oils, charcoal, graphite, clay, photography and more. Classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring and compressed classes which run all day for a week are offered during the summer.
For more information on this artists classes check out her class information at: .
All funds raised by this giveaway will go towards final travel costs to bring our daughter home from Russia!! Our daughter is currently in the hospital following spinal surgery. Please help us bring our daughter home!!"