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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What an awful day it's been... I've been abandoned by my children!!! They went on a camping trip with their Nana and Papa and won't be home for several days. To make things even worse... M's birthday is on the 3rd and he won't be home for that special day. I'm gonna miss his birthday!!! How horrible!!! I had planned on going with them, but my doctor said "NO!" since I was having so many contractions yesterday.

After they left, I sat in my chair and cried like a baby for nearly an hour. I just couldn't stop crying (partly due to their departure and partly due to hormones, I'm sure). But I am hoping and praying that they have a fun and safe trip. We'll have a birthday party (albeit small) once they get home.

Matt is doing great in Iraq. He called late yesterday evening to tell M "Happy Birthday". It was sweet, though M was too busy watching cartoons to really take in the fact that his daddy called from thousands of miles away just to tell him "Happy Birthday". Kids... They're all the same the world over!

Needless to say... I can't wait till they get back. I just know that I'll have a rough time sleeping while they're gone. It seems (per my recent experiences of letting them stay the night at Auntie's house) I have issues sleeping when I don't hear their precious little snores or breathing sounds during the night. Gosh how I miss those little devils!!!


blessedmomto7 said...

God knows just what you need! REST SISTER! While you still can! HUGS!

Heather BT said...

Put those feet up and take care of yourself! Give M a hug for me as we're (almost) bday twins as mine's on the 5th.

Carol and Taylor said...

Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth of July, to my favorite family of patriots!

Also wishing you peaceful sleep and sweet dreams.

Hugs from Miami,

Carol and Taylor