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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camping and B-Day Photos

I just wanted to take a moment to post a few family photos of M's and C's camping trip to Blue Lakes with Nana, Papa, Auntie and Bub. I also am including some photos of M's b-day party which was held a few days after his b-day (it was actually held on a special friend's b-day... July 6). You might notice that in the photo of the two kids flying kytes that M is using the more difficult 2 stringed kyte while C is using a fishing pole... Her beloved Papa tied her kyte to a fishing pole because she was having difficulties flying the kyte without help. This was generally the first time either of my children have flown kytes, so I was impressed at their skill levels (thanks to Nana and Papa taking the time to show them how to do it)!!!

On Wednesday both M and C were seen by their pediatrician. It was lucky that we got that completed because both kids had to have chest x-rays. Here are the results: M has some spots on his lungs which are indicitive of Brochitis (he is prone to those since he had pneumonia 5 times by the time he was 19 months old). He's coughing up thick, green mucus in HUGE amounts. C's chest x-rays came back normal (thank God) but her sinus cavities (which we also had x-rayed) are a solid mass with a sack of fluid indicating a long standing sinus infection. Both kids are on antibiotics and C has a referal to see an ENT for her sinus problems. Hopefully we'll be able to get both kids feeling better soon, because they've been ill WAY TOO long!


Anonymous said...

Awww, they are so cute! It looks like they had a wonderful time! -Amelia

patricia said...

hello, i was at a pow wow up in Auborn and talked to a lady whos children have problems with allergies and also having a stuffed nose a lot. she recomended to me OSHA Root, its natural and since she makes her own honey she puts drops of it into the honey or tea and its saver than any medication. yours patricia with marcus and susanna