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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Belated Happy Thanksgiving

I don't know what it is about holidays and M, but every single year he has to be seriously sick on/around at least ONE holiday.... This year he was seriously sick the day after Thanksgiving, thank goodness. Hopefully he won't be sick on Christmas (like he was the year before last and then again two years before that). I ended up taking him to the emergency room on Friday night because he was running a 104 degree fever. That, accomanied with a cough and vomitting, for me a touch concerned that it might be the Swine Flu (the H1N1 virus). Turns out the poor kid had caught Broncchitis. Turns out that Broncchitis is highly contagious in the first 24 to 48 hours! DAMN!!! Because MJ isn't yet 3 months old and C is getting ready for surgery on Thursday!!! Just what we need... A house full of sick people!!! Ugh!!!

Anyway, yes, you read that right... C is getting ready for yet another surgery. She had an appointment with the head of the ENT department at UC Davis Children's Medical Center and we discussed the idea of giving her an additional implant and fixing the right side (it has slipped out of place so much that only 8 out of 16 electrodes are functioning). Unfortunately, on Friday I received a letter from Tricare stating that they did not receive enough information from the physician to actually approve the request. So, it will take up to 10 working days to get the information. Needless to say, I don't have to money to be able to pay for her to have the surgery on my own, so we might have to reschedule the surgery for a later date; this is especially true if she catches what M has!

As a further update, I just wanted to BRAG about my two big kids!!! M and C were both given two awards on Friday, November 20th (M's award assembly was at 8:00am and C's was at 9:00am... Yes, Mom and I rushed like mad-women to make it to both assemblies... And, as mothers around teh world do, we were able to manage them both).

M was awarded student of the month for 1st grade. He was selected as the most improved student for his improvement in his handwriting! Plus, he was given a medal for the Alpha Society!!! This is given for getting good grades. It's tantamount to getting on the Principal's List!!! They do this because they don't have Honor Roll for kids under 5th grade... What a little genious!!! We're all so very proud of M!!! Plus... To make things even more amazing about M, I was told during his Parent/Teacher conference (on Tuesday, Novemmer 10th at 12:30) that M was doing great in his math. In fact, Mrs. J said that had M slowed down on his work and actually followed directions he would have scored even higher. Generally, he's bored with his math work and is just speeding along in it and not paying attention to the particulars. She wants him to show his work and he's able to do it in his head, so he's not showing his work. And, even more impressive is the fact that he's doing so outstandingly in his reading that she said he'll soon be reading at a 2nd grade level!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Can you say... IMPRESSED?!?

C was also given an award for student of the month. She was elected most courteous in her class. She received a similar award last year... She's so kind to others and it consistently shows. We're so pleased that she's got such a marvelous personality... And it shows in her fellow classmates and teachers. C was also given an award (though they have to hand out the documents in December because they didn't arrive in time) for 100% homework completion!!! YEAH!!! Now that's worth recognizing... She works hard to complete her homework.

Needless to say, I'm super thrilled with both of our big kids!!! It's Fantastic!!!


Chrissy said...

Adopted kids and adoptive parents relate to this book I read called Love Tag by Peter Shianna in unique ways.
Check it out, might be worth a read!

Amelia said...

I hope M feels better and all goes well w/ C's surgery, and approval. Congrats on your brainiac children!!

carol said...

congratulations on your kids achievements. Hope the rest of you get well soon.