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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween... Trick Or Treat

We enjoyed ourselves Saturday night. M dressed as a Ninja Warrior with these scary claws; C went as a Gypsy. She looked great and actually won the Most Creative award at M's school carnival on Friday night; MJ was a red Chili Pepper and was very adorable. We bought M's and MJ's cosutmes at Costumes Express. They were timely and not too pricey for the outfits I bought. They were very pricey on many of their outfits, which is why C had to make her own outfit. She had chosen a Gypsy from the magazine but it was more than $60. So, I put some of my clothes on her, bought a couple of scarves that had been on sale for $3 each and some oversized gold jewelry from Walmart. I added some make-up and she looked GREAT! M actually looked pretty awesome, too. Being Japanese-Korean he looked the part of a Ninja, as the picture above shows.

On Saturday night, we went into town (we live in the country and must drive into town to Trick or Treat). We met my sister and her family (her hubby, their three kids and her sister-in-law) in town and had a fun time together.

This year was quite hillarious because every few minutes there would be sudden shouts of, "Hi M_____!" coming from so many different kids (mostly girls) from all the different grades... Not just from his classmates! It happened so often that my sister and brother(-in-law) began teasing him by yelling "HI M_____", too!!! It was so funny and was made even funnier because Matthew didn't seem to realize what was going on, though towards the end of the night his "hi" was sounding tired.

C walked with R (my sister's sister-in-law) the entire time while M buzzed between everyone; but when we came upon a scary house he refused to go up to the door so he waited with the three adults (minus R who took C to the doors); he insisted on staying with me. Sadly it didn't dawn on me to get pictures of MJ at a few of the homes in order to capture his first trick or treating until Sunday morning... Hmm... A bit too late!!!

The kids and I ended up leaving at 8:00 while my sister's gang stayed the course. We had started at about 6:45, so they got a good hour and some change of trick or treating... Way more than enough for me!!! I was pooped and even M had begun asking when we would be done. So, we left WELL before they did. The three kids and I walked all the way back from down town to the fire house where we parked our cars (the distance sounds like a lot, but we live in a town with 750 people in it, so the walk was only about a mile and a half); it took us 25 minutes. There were people around until we got to LaFayette Street where we had to walk (in the dark) alone up a BIG HILL. I was a little nervous, but we made it just fine with no encounters of any kind (I was more nervous about wild critters than of strangers). My brother (-in-law) offered to walk back with us, but I said no. I should have asked him to get the van and pick us up at a friend's house. THAT would have been smart since I had to push the stroller up that long hill with the two big kids holding onto the sides. They weren't very helpful, either... I was pulling them, too. Needless to say, my legs were killing me and I was out of breath by the time we got to the top.

By the time we got home it was well after 8:30. And, since they had dinner excessively early, they were hungry. So I allowed them to get a peanut butter sandwich (they opted not to have jelly, which was probably a good thing for so late at night). Their normal bed time is 8:00, so after all that walking and the late hour M and C were worn out. Needless to say, by the time they crawled into bed just after 9:00pm they were out cold!!!

But, we had a blast... Okay, everyone but me had a blast since I'm not one for going out trick or treating. I prefer to stay at home to pass out candy... Next year it's all on you, Daddy!!!

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Heather BT said...

A fun and exhausting time was had by all!