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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Celebrating The Holidays

This last week or so has been fun/interesting.

First, C ended up with a Urinary Track Infection or a Bladder Infection. Her pediatrician never did let me know which one it was. Hopefully he'll give us an update when we go see him tomorrow afternoon. In the mean time, she's been on medicine, which has helped tremendously.

Then, C missed her school play. It wasn't such a bad thing because C had just had her Cochlear Implant Surgery the week before and had just gone back to school. She completely missed each and every practice, so she had no cllue that she missed it, anyway.

Just a couple of days later M had his performance. He's usually terrified of performing in front of people, but I promised him Baskin Robin's Ice Cream if he sang every song and sang it loud enough for me to hear. Well, as we all know, with a croud of kiddos singing in an auditorium it's nearly impossible to pick out an individual voice, and M made sure I was aware of this fact. But I told him that a mother is always able to "hear" her own child. That appeased him. But, he still negotiated what he got. His preference? Jamba Juice instead of Baskin Robins... And who am I to complain about that choice?!? ;)

The same day of M's performance, which turned out beautifully, my grandfather invited the entire family from our area to his house for a Christmas gathering. He proceeded to make an announcement... We thought the announcement was going to include his proposal to his current "companion" (his title for her not ours), but it was only to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

Today we topped off the Christmas celebrations with a trip into our little town. Santa Clause came for a visit, so we got our picture taken with him. After that, the big kids were able to help decorate a Gingerbread House and a Christmas Tree before heading off to make a gingerbread cookie (homemade by one of our town's long time residents). We spent about 45 minutes in town (including drive time, but we only live about 5 minutes away). It was a fun little trip.

The following pictures are from our wonderful and spirited week. Enjoy:

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Carol and Taylor said...

Wishing you all a very merry (and safe) christmas.

Love from Miami,

Carol and Taylor