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Friday, January 22, 2010

January Update

I know it has been an extremely long time since I updated this blog and my readers, so my sincerest appologies. A lot has happened lately, some of which I can't share. Here is what I can share...

Earlier this month my parents took M, C, MJ and I to the USS Hornet. Dad had served on the Hornet during the Appollo Missions and was able to share some of his experiences. It was quite fun to hear his stories. Just Thursday M received an award called "Every Child Succeeding Award". He was one of only sixteen kids who were honored with this award this year out of the entire county. What an honor! Mom and I were able to attend the award's breakfast banquet along with M and his teacher. It was a very humbling and enlightening experience and I couldn't have been more proud of M. In addition to this great honor, M also took an Advanced Reader's test on Thursday (yesterday) after arriving back at school. He passed with 100% accuracy. What is so special? Well, he passed reading at a 2.1 grade level. He's in 1st grade and was struggling to read at a late-kinder/early-1st grader level... That's how much he has improved all around!!! What a trooper!!! C is doing great, too, although he bus driver forgot to pick her up yesterday... Yes, her bus driver forgot her (and she's this person's only student, so it makes me a little concerned). I had to pick her up, but she handled the extra hour at school like a trooper, too! She's improved drastically in math. I think my concern that I expressed last month sank in because her interpreters are giving her extra help (they're actually giving her the answers rather than allowing her to raise her hand and ask for the teacher's help). But now, she seems to be getting it. Now if we could only get her reading up to par... But what do you expect from a child who has to memorize every single word they see?!? She can do it, though... She's so smart!!! MJ is doing great, too... He's growing like a weed and is doing all the things babies should do! I'm so proud of all my kids. Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!

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