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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Yes, the old adage about what kids say is still true, especially on this day.

The reality of life is that women are cursed by a fairly regular monthly flow. Terms of endearment usually coincide with this flow... 'Uncle Tom is visiting'. 'It's that time of month'. My personal favorite is, 'The Red Sea is flowing again'. Needless to say, it is nearing that time for me. And because Matt had to go to the store for some french bread for dinner, I figured what better time to buy the necessary equipment than when I'm not around.

So, down the health care isle Matt goes, dragging M along with him. As Matt picks up my trusty choice and places it in his basket, M begins to ask Daddy some questions.

"Is that for Mom? Is she bleeding again? Does she need more bandaides?" What else am I suposed to tell my 6 year old son what I am wearing. It's not like I have any privacy when it comes to bathroom time. He doesn't care in the least that I need a minute to myself.


Of course, since it is a payday weekend, the commisary was packed, and, according to Matt, the isle wasn't empty. He said people were trying not to giggle too loudly.

"Boy, Mom sure does bleed a lot, doesn't she?" By this time, I'm surprised the folks who were listening in hadn't wet their pants with laughter.

"Yes, she sure does, son," was blurted out as they raced out of the isle.

Not one to usually get embarassed about these types of things, I think this one did Matt in! Of course, he had to tell me all about it when he got home. But, did I have any sympathy? Oh no!!! I laughed the entire time. And boy was I thanking God that it happened to Matt and not me... I might have died from embarassment!!!

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