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Sunday, August 3, 2008


"Mom, I wanna look like a porkypine!"

This statement came out of the blue from M at around 7:00 Friday night. Hmm... Okay. I wonder where this is leading?

"You want to look like a porcupine?"

"Yep. Like I did when I was a little kid and a baby."

For once Matt got to interpret for M (and boy was he excited). "He wants you to cut his hair like you used to when he was little. Right son?!?"

Sincere and emphatic nodding was coming from M. So, up the stairs we went towards my personal salon... My bathroom. It took some time, but we were able to get his hair cut and now he looks like a "porkypine".

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Heather said...

AAh Yes, The MaMa Salon, Acer visits it frequently.
He asks me to cut his hair BaBa fuzzy when he feels it is too long. Good thing I bought that kit to do Bill's hair. Don;t think Acer would sit still in a barber chair that long. If I do it I can stop and start as much as I want!
Th skills we have to develop as moms, eh?
Heather BT