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Friday, August 15, 2008

What's Up?

Nothing... That's what! With the ending of our adoption process and nothing to do really until school starts in early September, we are just pacing around the house. We did enjoy a visit from several family members during their visit to the area.

My little cousin (who still seems like he's only 5 or 10 years old) is joining the Army. He's due to leave for Basic Training this upcoming week. He came up here to Ft. Lewis for a medical clearance so we were able to visit with him. He seems so excited. We are so very proud of him and truly hope that he enjoys his newfound independence. This new and unique life will hopefully be fun and exciting, providing him with lots of opportunities that he might otherwise not have gotten. Good Luck T!!! Have fun in the gas chamber, take good aim when throwing those live grenades and enjoy the road marches!!! ;)

M and C are so very ready to start school. We've been doing some preparations: bought school supplies, went school clothes shopping and submitted documents for their special needs. C is going to be attending a new school this year. M will be attending with her. The really interesting thing is that M's therapist wants him to go to 1st grade, so much of the paper work we had been taking care of included things to transfer him to the new school and new grade level as well. Both kids will ride the bus, so now I don't have to worry about the conflicting schedules (which is a huge relief). And, since we now have them being picked up and dropped off together at our front door I can start looking into taking some ASL courses!!! Yippie!!!


Heather said...

Acer starts VI pre-school this year, he'll be taking the bus too. Not sure when He'll be picked up, but we're already practicing get him up and dressed early.
His school bag is almost as big as he is.
Have you had any luck sending a notebook to a teacher so they can fill it out with daily activities and you can send notes to them?
I'm looking forward to mornings free myself - to work on my braille of course!
Heather BT

Carol and Taylor said...

Good luck with the new school and the new lessons. Sounds like you'll be quite busy very soon. Hope it all goes well.

Kind regards from Miami,