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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To School

Today both M and C went back to school. They were picked up by the bus at 7:30am and dropped off at nearly 3:25pm. We all woke up at 6:30 this morning and it was ample time for the kids to go potty, get dressed, brush their teeth, take care of their hair, eat their breakfast and gather their school supplies. I nearly cried when they left, though they've been doing this routine for a few years now. I will tell you this, though: I was utterly bored without my kids today. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Once M and C arrived home, I reviewed the items they brought and found that C got a touch confused as to why she wasn't going home with her fellow classmates. Once she ate lunch with her deaf education teacher she relaxed and became more confident. Sometimes it takes her a bit to realize what the plan of action is. M, apparently, did fairly well. He kept telling me (on the walk home from the bus stop) that he didn't have to go to the office today and so I wouldn't have to homeschool him. Hhhmmm.... Maybe he learned his lesson. Needless to say, we began our school schedule as the information he brought home said he has to read for 10 minutes every day. In addition, every week he would receive new spelling words and, beginning in October, he would have math problems. My boy is growing up and is getting real homework now. So, although the teacher did not send home specific instructions for homework, we went ahead and read for 10 minutes and made up our own spelling words using some "sight reading" flash cards we've been learning with this summer.

M came home without his backpack (already). We took it to school yesterday along with his school supplies and the teacher asked us to leave it. So, we did. And he either forgot to bring it home or it got misplaced. I'll send him to school with his old one with a note to his teacher to insure M brings home his new backpack tomorrow.

I've included some 1st Day photos. Enjoy (and, yes, C has a spot on her shirt. It is mild from a dribble at breakfast).

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Journey to Mia said...

Hey! Long time no talk! The kids are sure growing! We are just a couple months away from our referral! I can't believe it!!! Finally!I am glad to hear you fought for C's signing to remain in her class!! I can't believe they wanted to do only oral comm... geesh.
Keep in touch!