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Monday, September 1, 2008

Back To The Zoo....

On August 8th Matt and I took the kids to the zoo... This was Matt's first trip and our second trip. It was a nice treat. We took the wagon that Nana and Papa bought M for his 3rd b-day. It was a great way for the kids to enjoy the zoo without getting worn out. But, the only down side was that M decided to drag the fingers of his right hand on the ground. I had seen him doing it but neglected to warn him to pick up his hands. Unfortunately, because he became so comfortable in doing this he ended up allowing more of his hand to run along the ground... And it got ran over!!! He got a nasty little gash in his finger: a decent chunk was torn out, actually. It was bleeding fairly decently. Not long afterwards, C got her foot caught under the front of the wagon as Daddy was pulling it along, which meant her achilles heal got pinched. That hurt like the devil, so we had them crying in suround sound for nearly 10 minutes. M was screaming and crying for an additional 10 minutes or so. We were able to find the emergency station for some ice, cleaner and bandaides for both kids (which worked miracles). It was an interesting end to what had started out as a nice day.

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