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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Manette's Doing Great

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm doing great. The proceedure went well. My doctor spoke with Matt after he completed the surgery. Before doing the Hysteroscopy he thought there would only be one or two polyps; it turns out that there were 4 of those puppies... And they were "much bigger" than he thought they would be. He also said he got out a significant amount of the "junk" (Matt's words) that cause polyps.

It took me a bit longer than they had anticipated to come out of the recovery room after the operation because I got a bit nauseous. They gave me something for that and (who knows how much later) I was able to go home, where I slept off and on until about 7:00 this evening. Of course, I think the Vicadin they gave me helped in that arena. I took another one just a bit ago and fully expect to be out cold (again) by the time I post this message.

I will go back to see him in about 7 days where they will insert water into my Uterus and do another sonogram to see how well (or poorly) I've healed. Part of my healing regimen, though, is a trial for Matt... No intercourse for 3 weeks!!! I can tell you now that we will be having a grumpy Matt on our hands at the end of 1 week... I can barely imagine what he will be like at the end of 3 weeks! ;/

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me with your thoughts and prayers. They were very nice words to read.

And, so my special online friends, Carol and T, know... I was knocked out cold! I don't recall a thing... Woo-Hoo! I had sat up to beg a kiss from Matt before they wheeled me into the OR and I suddenly began feeling dizzy. I mentioned it to the doctors since I thought it was my nerves making me feel that way. The doctors and Matt all sort of gave this "Ya, no kidding" kind of giggle before (all at once) telling me that I had just been given a sedative. Needless to say, I flopped back down onto the bed, made Matt give me my kiss and hug and, apparently, was out like a light. Matt thought it was funny at how fast I was knocked out.

Hugs and love to all...


Heather said...

Hope you're feeling better,
I understand your pain, have a different sort of my own and so many of those dern chin hairs that I just gave up and started shaving. There, Now I'm getting over my embarrassment too. I'm with you on the funny anesthesia reactions too, Last time I told Bill I was hungry ... for Boogers ... Boogers & Chicken! I think he almost wet himself.
Heather BT

Mom 2 Joe and LilyRose said...

Hey Girl,

I had no idea that you were having surgery. Forgive me for not being here or calling you back the time you called. I am so busy with all that I need to finish (not many people know what we are doing - I am not ready to tell all yet). I will give you a call this week I promise. I am glad to hear that all went well.

I have to think about which embarrassing moment I can share with you. Give me a few days and I will get back to you on it.

Tell Matt the crazy girl from NY sends her love and give the kids a huge hug from me. Talk with you soon.