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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Health Update For Manette

I went to the doctor on Thursday for my follow-up. This was the BEST gynecological visit I've EVER had! I didn't have to undress!!! That's right... I was able to keep ALL of my clothes on AND the appointment only lasted 5 minutes! Yahoo!

Apparently, because I wasn't having any bleeding and only had a complaint of mild discomfort (like the pre-period minor cramping one can often get) throughout the week the doctor felt it wasn't necessary to do anything else.

While we were discussing things, she also informed me that they had sent the polyps to the lab. It turns out they were benign (non-cancerous). What a happy relief that was to hear. Though I do feel I must admit to not being concious of the possibility until my neighbor came to inform me of Matt's bad behavior.

Apparently, on the 18th when I had my surgery, Matt had gone next door to tell her what I had endured and to enlist her help with my care for the day (not that I would have known anything since I was knocked out all day). While he was there he told her about the removal of the polyps. She got quite nervous about my health because she always knew polyps to be the precurser to cancer (as in the polyps one can find in the colon). She just knew Matt meant to say cysts instead and asked me to warn Matt of his error. When I told her that they were, in fact, polyps, she got nervous all over again, though she was utterly relieved when I told her the happy news on Thursday!

To make a long story short... I'm fine and recovering well!!!

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Heather said...

Man, Would I love an appointment like that - I had to get my mammogram done this week, at least it's not as bad as when I got my base line done at 35, the machine has improved (somewhat).
Glad you're feeling better,
I left you an award on my blog
Heather BT