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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recovery Play

So, while I'm still recovering the kids and Matt decided to wrestle around a bit. They had loads of fun and entertained me while they were at it! I took loads of photos (some of which you see here) and a few videos (I've posted one to give you an idea of how much fun and how wild they all got).

I'm still feeling a bit woozy, but I think that's the Vicodin talking. I took 1 Vicodin Friday evening as I went to bed and didn't touch the stuff until last night. I woke up with some pain last night. Though it was not nearly as bad as my usual cramping that I have with my periods, it was bad enough to wake me up at 2:30 this morning. Matt got up and brought me a Vicodin because I had already taken my full Motrin doseage. I've started some bleeding, too. I didn't have that on Friday or most of Saturday. Last night before going to bed is when I noticed some minor cramping combined with some bleeding. The note the doctor sent home said that was normal for up to 5 days. In other words... I get to experience a period twice this month! GREAT!!! I am looking forward to the "night and day" difference to my painful periods with great interest, though.

Other than that, all is going well. Waiting anxiously for my parents to return from Italy, where I truly hope they are having loads of fun with my dad's sister and father (and their significant others, of course).


Heather said...

Here's praying this pain is the last time you'll have to go thru this!!!
Heather BT

Carol and Taylor said...

Here's to a speedy and painless recovery. As I always say, Better living through chemicals!

Not much better than a vicodin, a people magazine, and zonking out in a peacefully quiet house. Or as the song says, Two out of three ain't bad, either.

Happy Recovering,

Carol and T