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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6 More Weekends

With only six weekends left living in Washington State we're working up a storm packing up our house. Since this move is our choice while Matt is deployed we are required to do all the work ourselves.

So, for the past several weekends, Matt has cleaned out the garage and we've begun working on the indoors. The garage was so full of our stuff that we couldn't get the van parked inside. In fact, it was so crowded in there that we had to walk a specific trail just to get to the stand-up freezer. We couldn't even store the garbage cans in there... They just wouldn't fit!

Needless to say, our van is now able to park inside the garage... With TONS of room to spare! I LOVE it and will enjoy the remaining six weeks of getting from the house to the van without getting soaked from sprinting through the rain.

In the mean time, I have boxes just waiting to be filled. Oh we'll need lots more, but at least I have stuff that I can work with for the next week or two.

We also scheduled our housing pre-inspection and final out inspection. On February 3rd, between 8:00am and 12:00pm the inspector will come out and see what we need to repair and clean (I'm hoping he won't have us clean the carpets, but I have a feeling he will since we have pets). And on February 23rd, between 9:00 and 11:00am another inspector will come out to ensure we did everything that was on the list to do (properly, of course), at which time we will turn in all the keys we were issued along with the garage door openers (which we are now able to use) and then we will be on our merry little way to California.

So... The busy little bees that we are: We have lots of work to do and only six weeks left to do it in!


Anonymous said...

Moving out of state is always so hard. We have never had to do it with kiddos, so I can't even imagine the work involved!

Heather said...

I wish you good planning my friend, not good luck. Luck is not what you need.
Take care, no heavy lifting without proper prep (says she w/a bad back)
Heather BT

Carol and Taylor said...

Boy you guys live busy life! Happy packing and good luck with the move.

hugs from miami,

Carol and Taylor