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Monday, January 19, 2009


We're back to having twins, again. Today was C's 6th birthday. And though we only had a very small intimate family gathering, her little party turned out nice. My parents mailed several gifts (and my dad picked out her birthday card, which she loved). A close family, who lives in Texas, sent C up a tons of gifts (which totally overwhelmed her). And our precious neighbor brought her a birthday present earlier today. Matt, M and I gave C our own little gift, too.

So, what did she get? A TON of Hello Kitty products (from drawing paper to pencils, nail polish, hair barettes, a very cute outfit and the list goes on and on and on) from our Texas friends, a Nintendo DS Kung Fu Panda video game from our neighbor (to go with the DS's Santa brought to the kids at Christmas), two small squishy dolls from Matt, M and I and a couple of precious moment statues and a cute teddy bear that came with it's own clothes for C to dress from my parents. She hit the jackpot!

Hope you enjoy the photos of her special day!


Heather said...

Our kids (combined) are so cute, they couldn't even have to perform! They could just go up on stage and have money thrown at them (paper only!) :)
Heather BT

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday to C from Maine. Precious photos!

blessedmomto7 said...