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Friday, January 9, 2009

Talk About "Thank God"...

I received a FABULOUS phone call this morning from M's reading teacher, Mrs. V. She sounded a bit concerned when I initially answered, so I was preparing myself for a much needed "mother-moment".... You know, that's one of those phone calls where the teacher says, "Mrs. So-And-So, your child is misbehaving and you need to talk to him or I will have to send him home." Okay, well, maybe you don't know what those phone calls are like, but I can tell you from personal experience that my son abhors those phone calls. You see... I don't just sit at home and yell over the phone. I drive myself down to the school, fling myself dramatically into the classroom like a tornado and proceed to make his life a living hell. Thank God I've only had to do that once. Afterwards, all they must do is ask if he needs them to call me into the classroom and his behavior changes like a catepillar changes into a butterfly. It's dramatic to say the least.

But, I digress. This morning's phone call was specatular and had me cryin tears of joy. We had spent the three weeks of winter break (two weeks for winter break and the week prior were snow days here in Washington) playing and just having fun. We didn't study or read or do anything remotely close to what would be considered studying. This was not my intention at all as I had their things set out ready to be read and studied for a brilliant day back at school. This information is vital because it makes the news so much more brilliant!

Young Mr. M PASSED his Chapter 13 reading test! Albiet he did not get a 100%, but he did score enough points to pass. This is so amazing because he has only ever passed one other test after the first month of school! What a pure joy it was to hear this news. Even better? Mrs. V actually cried from joy once she learned that he didn't study at all while he was on Christmas Break!

Needless to say, we're so extremely proud of him and we are giving him a very nice reward: He's having his first sleepover and pizza party (granted, it is with only one friend, but he'll be thrilled)!!! We're even going to allow him to stay awake until 9:00 (his usual bed time is 7:00-7:30). Little Ms. C won't get the extra reward and will still have to follow bedtime rules since she didn't get all of her points this week (making M's reward that much sweeter, of course)!


Heather said...

What an excellent report!
sneak him a little something extra into his surprise for me please (perhaps an extra goody?)
Heather BT

Mary Ellen said...

Congratulations to Mr. M, and to you! It's such a joy when our children accomplish things - especially when they're unexpected! Hope he enjoys his pizza and sleepover.

Transformed said...

Love the title of your blog! To be honest, I am addicted to adoption. In four years we have adopted five kids! God is good and gives me abundant grace for that which He has called me to!