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Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, Thank God!!!

It makes one feel almost joyous when a long school break is over. The kids have both been out of school now for more than three weeks, making this one of the longest holiday vacations I have ever endured... Ooops, I mean, enjoyed!

The break was long due to winter weather that hit our area so hard the week before the Christmas break. The kids enjoyed the decent amounts of snow, as did Matt and I (to some extent).

Unfortunately, though, the days kept getting longer and longer. M even started acting out from shear boredom, I'm sure. He has enjoyed having his new toys and was saddened when we tossed most of his old ones (although he felt some relief knowing that some other child would be able to enjoy them in the future just as much as he has enjoyed them in the past). But, three plus weeks of nothing to stimulate his (and C's) growing mind (because I utterly failed in the education department during this long break) was ultimately too much for him.

So, it was with pure relief for all four of us that the kids went back to school today. I know it will be rough getting back in the groove of school for M (and a pure joy for little miss C), but it will be well worth every minute!

Finally... I get some much needed peace and quiet! Woo-Hoo!!!


Heather said...

Let's hear it for school back in session!
I know Acer missed it, we did activities he normally does in school, because he requested it.
Heather BT

Mary Ellen said...

I remember those days - now I think of school vacation more in terms of 'I don't have to drag his behind out of bed so early - woo-hoo!'