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Friday, January 30, 2009

Report Card Day

Today was a spectacular day for both of our little angels. They brought home their report cards and boy were we pleasantly surprised!!! C made some improvements to her report card (although she does so well in school it's difficult for her to have improvements at all, thereby making the improvements all the more wonderful)! And M made DRASTIC improvements. He got almost ALL "S's" with a few "S+'s" and several "N's". Last quarter, his report card was nearly all "N's" with a few "S's" spattered around. The remarks from the teachers were spectacular. And, although he is in the lowest reading group, he has made huge improvements there, too. The only subject he is truly having problems in is Math (although he still struggles with Reading, too).

To top it all off, M brought home yet another note telling me he passed ANOTHER reading test!!! THAT MAKES 3 IN A ROW!!!

Both kids are getting the opportunity of picking a toy for a reward!!! How much more proud can a parent be?!? They Did GREAT!!!


Heather said...

How great is that, three tests in a row and improvement all around!
Heather Bt

Carol and Taylor said...

Hi Manette and Family,

Hope you all are doing well, and everyone is healthy and happy...especially mom!

Good luck, we're thinking about you.

Love from Miami,

Carol and Taylor

p.s. Fab reports from the teach!