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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Amazing Aquaintance

On Monday, C had her first appointment with her new Audiologist in Seattle. Her appointment was at 8:30, so we left fairly early to beat the rush-hour traffic. We ended up arriving 45 minutes prior to our scheduled time. So, the kids were able to play in the waiting area where a few other children were waiting.

I, of course, assumed the family in our area would enjoy allowing their children to have an opportunity to play with other kids, so was a bit surprised when the mother pulled her two boys away from my kids. When I told her that my kids would love to have playmates she told me that she wanted her children to play only with each other. Okay... Whatever!

Shortly there after, another mother came wandering over, with a 3 year old and a 1 year old in tow (ages my son adores). Sadly, the 3 year old practically shoved M out of the way and immediately took over the toys he was playing with, which triggered a response from him. He, of course, got in trouble for his behavior while the little girl was allowed to continue her actions (mainly because Mom was too busy playing on her PDA to correct her or even to keep her 1 year old contained in the area). I have to sometimes wonder why people want to have children if they are just going to ignore them. Kids are amazing little things that people get to mold. And I often feel as if some parents are molding their children into little domineering and inconsiderate people. Ugh!

To make matters even more awkward, several minutes later, as I was looking around the waiting area that seemed to be filling up rather quickly, I noticed a lady looking at me and my kids. She'd glance away and then glance back. Needless to say, after my first experiences I was ready to jump to conclusions when I noticed the lady again looking at me and my kids. I'm used to getting odd looks, so it normally doesn't affect me.

Thankfully, though, the lady smiled at me, turned to her waiting brood, who I hadn't seen before due to the half-wall that seperated us, and said, "Come on girls." She and her brood proceeded to head in our direction. As the small family turned the corner I saw exactly why she had taken note of our family... Her daughters are Chinese!!! So, she and I had a great time chatting about our previous adoptions and the ones we were both now persuing (she is actually adopting two non-related boys similtaneously... How gracious of the CCAA to so readily recognize the need to keep these two cuties together). She was called to her daughter's appointment rather swiftly, but I am hoping to get back in touch with her through her blog (noted in my blog section as "Harmon Boys"). It was so fun to simply run into another family like our own. And M had so much fun with the girls during the short visit! C just sat back, unsure of what was going on.

I was so thankful that Debby noticed us. I can sometimes get defensive, even if there really is no reason, when it comes to my kids and I was ever so grateful to have a more positive experience to relate the day to.


Kelley said...

I'm glad that what could have been a bad experience turned into a wonderful one, where you were able to meet new friends!

I also like what you've done with the look of your blog...great work!!

Alyson & Ford said...

That was a cool thing she did. And you...

Nice people can make a so-so day into a great day with their simple acts of kindness.