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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Homestudy... We're On A Roll

Well, as I've stated in an earlier post, we found an agency to do our homestudy. We had our first visit last night. It went very well, in my humble opinion. Our social worker was confident, nice, and to the point. I think much of the process seemed so much easier because this was our fourth homestudy. I believe this is one of those cases where the power of experience plays a huge role in how confident and comfortable a person feels in a given situation.

We've learned over the years to not worry so much about the little things (like it isn't necessary to "Spring Clean" before each visit, something we did for our first two homestudies). In fact, with this homestudy, we just vaccuumed and swept the floor (a yellow lab creates a second, albiet smaller, pooch with 24 hours worth of shedding). We even left the kids' toys laying on the floor in their rooms! Our house is lived in, though clean, and we had no qualms in showing how we really live. It was a relief to feel confident in the homestudy process.

Of course, now that I've said all this I'm sure something is going to happen to delay the process. That or we'll be missing some necessary piece of information that we'll have to mail off for, which will, of course, take another two or three months. (I know... Could I get any more pessimistic?)


Heather said...

I thought only our dogs were trying to reproduce themselves by splitting like an amoeba. Thye keep trying but only manage to split off one hair at a time. So glad to hear that you're not cleaning as much this time, I'm not either. Pneumonia plays a part in that but still, I'm no where near as frantic as I was before.
How are you liking WA? I lived there for two years, it was beautiful.
Heather BT

Manette said...

LOL... Heather, I am so sorry to say that your dogs are not the only ones trying to reproduce that way (and boy is that an apt description)!

We are enjoying WA, but I've gotten so many alergy attacks that I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy it nearly as much as I had hoped. The area is beautiful and there is a million things to do, so hopefully, when the weather clears up a bit, we can get out and explore more.

I certainly hope you start feeling better. Pneumonia is a horrible little thing! Honu had it three times before he was a year and a half... Boy was it a burger of a thing to get rid of!