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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Growth Charts

This evening I started pondering how tall my children are.

There is a wonderful organization that helps families who have adopted beauties from China to stay in touch and up to date on Chinese culture, holidays, etc. It is called FCC (Families with Children from China). One of the cool features they have available on thier site is groth charts for Chinese kiddos. So, since both of our kids are Asian, I regularly utilize these charts to check on C's and M's growth.

This evening, we measured M (C was already in bed) who stood 49" tall. C is actually about 6" shorter than M. At her last medical appointment she measured 42". We checked their heights against the FCC growth charts and found C to be among the 25% mark while M is above even the 100% mark.

We know this is not an accurate assessment, but we followed the kids' individual lines until we hit their 18th year mark and found that if they continue along the same growth pattern M would stand about 72.8" (6' 1") tall while C would stand about 61" (5' 1") tall! Hmmm... Interesting!

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Heather said...

Following these I've figured our Little Miss also at 5'1" and Acer at 5'9" Love these type of charts. Acer's finally made it up over 37" right now. He seems to grow slowly but constantly, no big spurts for him.