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Friday, April 11, 2008

Our First Approval

At about 4:05pm yesterday afternoon (Thursday, 10 April, 2008) our phone rang. I wasn't feeling too swift so I didn't do my usual acrobatic routine to ensure I would be able to get to the phone first, even though I was only about three feet from the phone. Rather, I waited for Matt to get the phone. He peaked around the corner and saw me still seated at our breakfast bar and huffed, "Oh, I'll get it." So, he made a swift bee-line for the phone from about twenty feet away. What a guy! He's always willing to take one for the team! ;)

But, in the end I got my just deserts as it ended up being our adoption agency, CCAI. They called (even though it was after 6:00pm for them) to tell us "Congratulations! Your application has been approved!"

The moment those words were uttered, Matt began jumping around the room excitedly and giving me high-fives and several thumbs up signs. The entire time I'm looking at him as if he had just eaten a pound of sugar and became a hyper child. I had completely missed what he was getting so thrilled about. Apparently he saw the confusion on my face because he covered the mouthpiece of the phone and whispered, "It's ____ from CCAI.... We're approved!" So, of course, we started doing "the happy dance" all over again!!!

Suddenly, Matt stopped jumping around and went into panic mode: "Oooop, hold it... I'm going to pass the phone to Manette. She's the Adoption Document Guru!" Great. My job has fully begun and I am now not only "Mom" and "Teacher" but now my job of "Adoption Secretary" has kicked in! I know, I say it as if it were a bad thing, but we all know that I truly love it!!!

So, we are officially approved and well on our way to adopting another little angel from China.

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