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Sunday, April 20, 2008

When a very dear family friend passed away recently, I sent miniature roses, signifying all that life sends our way: It is beautiful, though it can be painful. On the card I sent my deepest sympathy and a Chinese Proverb. I wanted to share that proverb today:

"The journey is the reward."

I took it to mean life is a reward in and of itself. But the more I thought about that sentiment, the more I realized that it fits so many other attributes. Adoption is one of those attributes it fits. The journey to our children can be just as rewarding as the act of bringing our children home. Though our children are the most important and vital part of adoption and are the absolute "reward", the journey has given each and every one of us power. Power over ourselves, power over our fears, and, ultimately, power over our fate. We have gained an openmindedness that most people are not lucky enough to experience. We have met friends and aquaintances who will be remembered throughout our lives. We have been given a new respect for different cultures and countries and the opinions of others.

Each of these gifts we have received are precious and beautiful. They make the long wait from LID to referral more bearable and makes us more worthy of our children, allowing each country where our children are waiting to have more faith in our love and abilities. It also makes the ultimate reward, the referral of our amazing children, that much more precious!

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