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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Having Fun

This past weekend was a blast. We hosted a long time friend for a few days. She flew in from Texas and brought the kids each a ton of stuff (she spoils them rotten). The kids, Matt and I all enjoyed having her. We went to Mt. St. Helens and saw it smoking and then we went to Seattle to check out Pike's Market. While we were there we took the short cruise around Puget Sound. That was really nice. We saw some California Sea Lions while we were out cruising along with a few jelly fish. They were huge! I was the only one interested in the jelly fish while everyone else were checking out the Sea Lions, which were pretty cool, too. I thought I saw a few whales surfacing, but since I was the only one seeing these few surfaces I must have been imagining things (though there are a pod of Orcas in the vacinity as well as Humbacks that have swum up the canal and reached Tacoma, two arrived and departed just two months ago, so it's not impossible). "K" brought the kids a lot of things from Tombstone, Arizona as well as Texas. Pictured here are M and C wearing their authentic cowboy attire from Tombstone (we'll have to have professional pics done, too).

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blessedmomto7 said...

Sounds fun!
The National DEC Conference is in Spokane next year!