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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reading Help Is On The Way

M has had reading as part of his IEP since last year's reevaluation because the school believed he had (still has, really) a learning disorder, in particular with reading. His skills are proving them right, needless to say. Unfortunately, Washington feels that reading is not a mandatory thing to learn in Kindergarten, whereas it is mandatory in California (where his IEP was written). So, when we arrived here, the reading portion of his IEP was blown off. I have been fighting with the school to get it put back on since September 3rd. I've even shown them the IEP with the reading requirements to no avail. So, I've instigated a full evaluation of Matthew's school needs in the hopes of getting him further assistance. Sadly, if the behavioral therapist who sees M would officially diagnose him with ADHD (instead of just verbally claiming he has it) he would qualify for additional assistance under IDEA because he would have a neurological diagnosis which is a qualifying special need.

So, in the hopes of getting our son the additional help he needs with his reading, we've taken him to Sylvan Learning Center. He was evaluated this morning during a two-hour block of testing. We'll get his results on Thursday, which is when they'll also tell us what hours and days of the week they think they'll need to work with him to get him up to par in reading. The cost for the evaluation was $145 and the enrollment fee was $55, but during October they're having a special of $94 instead! The cost per hour for the tutoring is $43 - $47. I might actually have to get a job to help pay for the tutoring! (Yikes... What am I thinking? lol)

The reason we went with Sylvan Learning Center is because they have guaranteed their work with M and they have centers located across the country in almost every location we would be stationed, making accessibility a bonus (they even have one in the really tiny town we're moving to next year). Plus, his information can be transfered to any of the other locations and the enrollment is lifetime!

I hope this works miracles!

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Heather said...

Hope you get something concrete to go from. My friend next door's daughter can't handle more than one direction at a time unless they're written. Then she can handle it just fine. Sort of an auditory processing disorder or something, but the learning center diagnosed it.
Heather BT