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Monday, October 6, 2008

There's A Conference!

A wonderful lady (whom I will call "Ms. J") posted on my blog yesterday, giving me encouragment regarding my posts about prenatal drug exposure. I, of course, checked out her blog and found that she is a very experienced lady in regards to drug babies. She has 6 beautiful adopted children, all of whom were drug exposed, and is one of the key-note speakers for the 5th Annual National Drug Endangered Children's Conference being held in Salt Lake City starting today.

After learning about the conference from Ms. J's blog, I tracked down the leading organization. It never dawned on me before reading her blog that there was support available for our son and our family. The National Alliance For Drug Endangered Children ( is an organization that helps to educate families, caregivers and volunteers as well as providing support and connection to state programs to assist children who have been exposed to drugs through biological parental use, distribution and/or manufacturing.

What is truly amazing is that I simply started to feel the need to express my concern for these children on my blog and the next thing I know I'm being connected to resources that I never knew were available. Isn't it amazing how we're almost guided in important directions?


Carol and Taylor said...

wow. the beauty of blogging. it continually amazes me!

Heather said...

It's just incredible the networking that can happen with the internet isn't it? I love it
Heather BT