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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I found my dream kitchen. It's by IKEA and I saw it while we were visiting the IKEA store in Seattle when my friend from Texas was visiting earlier this month. These pictures don't show it's true beauty by any means, but at least you'll have an idea. For those of you who have seen my kitchen in my house in Kansas you'll know just how beautiful this design could look. It's somewhat country with lots of elegance! The backsplash emulates pounded tin (it's actually a plastic of some kind). I think the backsplash in this kitchen could look great if it were done with black chalkboard paint. The the top/tall cabinets are white, some are glass fronted while others are fronted with wainscoating. The lower/base cabinets are a dark stained wood. There is a breakfast island in the center of the layout with some open storage underneath. The sink is a country sink with a fabulous country faucet that reminds me of a hose. It's so cool and this kitchen is unbeatable!

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Carol and Taylor said...

Snazzy! Love the two-tone