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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Clothes... Finally

After 6 years of having children I got to go out and buy some clothes that were NOT for C or M. Well, that's only partially true...

Today, we were planning on taking a drive down to Aunt D and Uncle C's house in south-western Washington. It can be nearly a 2 hour trip, depending on weather. But, I started my girl days on Friday and found myself in a bit of pain. Apparently, the polyps that the doctor removed back in September finally decided to dislodge themselves. This excretion process is quite painful. Like my cycles weren't painful enough... I now have to deal with even further pain. Apparently, in a few months I should be loving life with far less pain. If this doesn't work we'll be aiming at a hystorectomy... Wonder if I can talk the doc into that in a year or two?!? Hmmm... Worth thinkin' 'bout! ;)

Anyway, this afternoon I finally started feeling the pain go away. I began waking up at around 2:00, so we decided to take a quick run to the store (fighting the pain was wearing me out enough that I practically slept the weekend away). I needed to buy Halloween Candy (I'm a stickler for buy and giving out candy if my kids are trick-or-treating) and M and C needed some new jeans.

I purchased 3 pairs of 7 slim pants and 2 pairs of 8 slim pants for M and little "tight" outfits for C (the kind with long dress-like shorts with matching tights underneath) in lieu of jeans. M had 2 pairs of 7 slim pants from late last year and C had several jeans that still fit (though quite snuggly). So, we went to Ross and found a great deal on jeans for both the kids. I ended up buying C 3 pairs of designer jeans for $9.00 each while M got 3 pairs of desiner jeans for $10.00 each. He got 2 more pairs from Target for $10.00 each, also. It was a fabulous find because it is always so difficult to find slim sized pants at all, never-the-less at Ross. M is simply too tall... He's lanky, super skinny and long legged like a little colt (knobby knees and all). Hopefully these pants will last both the kids through spring!!!

So, how can I get away with saying I bought clothes other than for the kids? Easy... Ross was having a decent clearance section where I was able to buy my nephews so great clothes!!! Plus, I bought myself 3 new bras! I have 1 bra that is comfy and I pull the wash and wear every day routine with it. My other 3 bras are awkward and mostly uncomfortable. We'll see how well these new bras work. I don't care what a bra looks like as long as it is confortable and holds up my girl parts! ;)

Needless to say, I was thrilled with my finds but was totally worn out by the time we got back to the van. I should have waited to do my shopping until I felt better... Like on Wednesday.

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