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Thursday, June 5, 2008

English or Sidesaddle?

Riding a horse has always been a peaceful and enjoyable passtime for me. Though I haven't had the opportunity to ride in several years (okay... I haven't ridden a horse with any regularity since I was a junior in high school 19 years ago), I still enjoy an outing every great once in a while. I can still get on a horse and still recall how to cling to this majestic animal with my knees. The tricky part about riding is being able to get off the tall, broad back without disgracing myself. The last time I was on a horse I had actually forgotten how to dismount. I had thrown my leg over the horn and proceeded to slide down the side of the saddle while holding onto the horn for dear life. I had safely made it to the ground while kicking myself in the rear for my stupidity.

But, I can honestly say that never, in my wildest dreams, would I have forgotten a thing so important as what style of saddle I was getting into. So, imagine my surprise when Matt called me this afternoon from work with the tale of daily exploit:

Matt gets to travel around the area scouting for and dealing with local businessmen who supply trinkets to the military for "Reenlistment Gifts". Apparently, there is one gentleman in the area who has a business that supplies much of the gifts given to Ft. Lewis soldiers. While he was visiting the store, Matt learned that this gentleman also owns a horse farm where he and his daughter give riding lessons (a sport I was hoping to be able to pass down to my children). He teaches English whereas I learned how to ride Western, though I've always been interested in learning how to ride English.

So, imagine my surprise when Matt called and told me about this fabulous opportunity! He told me that the kids and I could learn English riding. Upon telling me this he asked, "English... That's where both legs stay on the same side of the saddle, right?"

LOL..... I could not have laughed harder or gotten a bigger kick out of what he had said had he told me he had won the lottery! To me, it was the funniest thing anyone has told me for a very long time. Matt had confused English with Sidesaddle!

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