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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talking In Her Sleep

Children are simply too cute when they talk in their sleep. But, when that child is deaf it can be even cuter:

Every night I tuck the kids' blankets safely around their precious little bodies and whisper "I love you" softly into their ears before heading off to bed.

Sometimes M will answer me and at other times he mumbles some jargon that is inrecognizable. C, on the other hand, barely moves a muscle. The moment she falls asleep her little body seems to go into a comatose state as she drifts deep into her dreams. And since she is profoundly deaf her reaction is totally understandable.

This evening, though, I got a bit of a shock. As I pulled the blankets up to her chest (any higher than that and she starts squirming as if she were a worm desperately looking for a new tunnel to wiggle through in order to remove each and every blanket) C rolled onto her side and began "talking" in her sleep. I must say, it was rather adorable since her form of talking is Sign Language. Unfortunately, she was signing as she was twisting around and the only part of her conversation I caught was "all done"! Now I'm going to have to start paying closer attention to her hands as I'm covering her up!!!

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