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Friday, June 27, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo Adventure

Summer has officially started for the kids and I with nice weather and a jaunt into Seattle to visit the Woodland Park Zoo. This is a rather large zoo, though still quite small for the size of the city. But, the animals seem to have ample room to raom and plenty of quiet spaces for them to relax away from the loud crowds that I imagine are possible. Feeding the birds was simply amazing to both M and C and was, I think, by far C's favorite thing at the Zoo. M, on the other hand, absolutely LOVED watching the King Cobra eat its lunch of 3 frozen rats. We had to sit there waiting for it to finish eating for more than 15 minutes, way too long for me. My favorite part was watching the kids enjoy the day so much (and seeing the Grizzlies so close was pretty nifty, too). So, without any further ado (and no more gabbing from me) here are several photos of the kids enjoying their outing (photos removed):

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