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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Speak English!!!

"Mommy, I sorry for not listening to you on the phone today," expressed my sorrowful five-year-old son, M. He had been playing Disney Games on the computer and I was being lazy. It was time for him to turn the computer off and I really didn't feel like getting up off my bottom to climb the stairs to issue my instructions.

So, what did I do? I used Matt's cell phone to call our home phone. M likes to answer the phone and regularly answers the phone on the first ring, so I knew it would be a simple process to "call my son" down for dinner.

Ring. Yep, one ring was all it took before I heard his cute little voice say, "Hello? Who's there." As usual, there was no pause between each phrase. But, that's okay... He sure does a good job.

So, I told M, "It's Mommy. Turn off the computer and come down stairs, okay?"

"Oh. It's you. Who you talking to?"

"You, Son. Now..." Click! The little devil hung up on me!!!

Ring. "Hello? Who's there?"

"M, don't you dare hang up again. Turn off the computer and get your bottom down here, NOW!"

"Okay... Gosh, Mommy!"

Does he come down? Nope... M decided he didn't want to listen and so went back to my desk and his computer game. So, I marched up the stairs, turned off the computer, and marched a crying M back down the stairs and proceeded to lay into him about following directions and using his listening skills. The poor kid was crying like crazy and telling me he didn't understand what I was saying on the phone.

Needless to say, we got that taken care of and it will (hopefully) not happen again. But, what does M tell me this evening?

"Mommy, I sorry for not listening to you on the phone today. But, you need to speak English. I not understand you!"

Hmmm.... Guess I may need to go to speech therapy, too!!! ;)

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