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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Way Too Fun!

Today was a rather unique day. Matt and I were invited to go camping with my aunt and uncle and the entire gang. We, of course, said yes and were thrilled with the plan, though we knew we were only going to be able to stay for the day since M's asthma has kicked in again (it's been a bit touchy since arriving here. We're just getting it back under control, though we still have a little ways to go).

Things suddenly changed, though. We felt a strong need to stick around by the telephone today as we were hoping for an extremely special phone call. So, we called off our trip south for fear of missing the call.

But, once again, we changed our plans and went anyway. We realize that it is Saturday and most families are out enjoying their day together rather than sitting on the phone with strangers. And, most office personel are not manning the phones in their offices just to make us feel better. So, we decided to go ahead and go to the lake.

By this time it was almost 10:00am so I rushed around gathering all we needed and were driving out of town by 10:30am. We arrived at the lake at 1:00pm, and as we pulled in, we suddenly realize there is a parking attendant!!! YIKES... It cost to park and they didn't accept credit or ATM cards. Aunt "D"... We owe ya!!! I was thoroughly embarrassed having to borrow $3, but it would have been even worse because Aunt "D" had been waiting in her car for us to show up for a very lengthy time!!!

Well... We had a blast. It was a beautiful day (a hot 98 degrees) and the kids enjoyed their time playing outside. Big D took us all out on his boat. M was petrified (he's scared of fast things) and kept asking Big D to go slow... "You go slow? You no go fast?" was repeated so many times I'm surprised Big D didn't throw M overboard. But he was patient (as always) and kept reassuring M that he would go slow.

The moment the boat started to pull away from the shore M achieved a look of instant fear. But, surprisingly, M started laughing and insisting that Big D drive faster!!! Go figure... He LOVED it. And C had just as much fun. Both kids even braved the deep water. M loves to swim, so he didn't surprise me too much. But C, on the other hand, is terrified of being in water that is deeper than 2" (literally). She just shocked me to no end by jumping into Daddy's arms and clinging to him before clamoring back onto the boat. She did that several times. I couldn't have been more stunned had the Locke Ness Monster reared her precious head for a photo op!!!

I'm telling you... We all had so much fun, but it was made even more spectacular because of the shear trust that both our kids had for Matt and I!!! They made my day!!!

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