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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

Matt & I discussed some options for getting out of the house this weekend. We planned on tackling the Seattle Zoo in Woodland, but on our way out to the van the kids decided they wanted to go to the aquarium instead. We were adamant about going to the zoo since it was a beautiful day for an outside romp. They were finally able to bribe us with lots of key phrases, like: " I Love You Lots, Mom & Dad" as we neared Seattle. So, we veered off to the seafront where the aquarium was located.

We decided to purchase an annual family membership to the Aquarium instead of paying for a day tour. Though it was more costly than the day ticket it was cheaper than paying for two days. Besides, we figured we would be more apt to take the kids up there if we had a year long membership and the only additional costs would be gas (which could add up) and parking. But, it's a great way to get out of the house, get out of the area, and get the kids interacting with other people (to help improve their socialization skills).

Needless to say, our journey through the aquarium was fun. The kids had such a blast and Matt I had fun, too. M's favorite part was the dome at the end of the walk (I must agree with him. I could have sat there for several hours watching the fish). C's favorite part was the Touching Pools. She really enjoys interacting as much as possible, while M wants nothing to do with it. He won't even touch the starfish.

There were lots of things to see, especially in the dome, including salmon of all ages, sturgeon, rockfish, some small grouper, a few small black sharks and a myriad of other species of fish. It was very cool to see the view from below the fish in the dome and the seal and otter habitats. They had several Harbor Seals and Northern Fur Seals as well as both River and Sea Otters. We spent almost 3 hours at the aquarium and will coordinate our trip next time to coincide with the feeding time (1:30pm) in the dome.

I've decided that I may want a job in the tanks as a diver!!! The sharks are tiny (I know they'll grow, but not before I move away) and the visibility is fantastic. I do have my Open Water SCUBA, but I have a fear of not being able to see what is coming at me so I like my visibility to be very lengthy!!! I wanna have ample time to panic when I see a Tiger Shark barreling towards me with a neon sign that says "I'm Home For Diner!"

After we left the Aquarium we walked along the warf for a ways, stopping at the amuzement section where the kids, with Matt & I holding them, rode the Mery-Go-Round. M was terrified of the Merry-Go-Round and wanted to sit on a bench. But, because Matt & I didn't have to pay because we were going to stand with the kids and hold them we made M ride one of the moving figures. He REALLY didn't want to do it, but Matt sat him on a horse right next to his sister with me standing in between both kids. I, of course, got so sick from the constant turning, though I finally figured out that I could look at the floor of the Merry-Go-Round and not be so motion sick. I was very thankful when the thing stopped.

We then went to the Pirate Store (the same one we went with Mom & Dad to last year). The kids each got 1 thing for under $10. C chose a yellow hat while M chose a glow-in-the-dark skeleton pirate set. As we speak, he and his daddy are in M's room playing "Pirate".

Needless to say, we all had a blast!!!

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