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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Surprise Vacation!!!

We got a wonderful surprise this weekend... My parents decided to sneak up for a very quick visit. We only had a couple of days with them, but it was a so nice. I only wish we could have had a longer visit. I had to fight the tears when they left, but that's okay cuz I know I'll see them in just one month when we go down to their house for M's B-day (he'll be a whopping 6 years old) and 4th of July celebration. Anyway, as you may have noticed from these photos, C was not able to enjoy much of Nana and Papa's visit due to school... But M got to have a blast on some field trips. The one shown here was to Cabela's where he spent almost two hours checking out all the fish and (stuffed) wildlife. It was an awesome opportunity for his science and fit in well with our themes these past few weeks.... Living Things. We also went to Seattle to check out the Pike's market. That was enjoyable and C was able to go with us since she had had a Dr.'s appointment that day (we kept her out of school). Now we're back to the grind of our work weeks!!!

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