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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Change # 8,993,576

So, after the disasterous results of our latest attempt to bring home a child, Matt and I began researching other options. Our hearts weren't into this adoption as it had been with Chynna's and Matthew's adoptions. Oh, we desperately wanted to bring our 4-year-old little man home, but even before that we were bouncing back and forth between agencies and special need/non-special need programs. Just ask my parents: By now they're dizzy with the tornado of changes we've continuously placed upon them during the past year and a half. So, here's what we've decided to do for our family:


Ethiopia is an ancient civilization with the Queen of Sheba being a huge part of their history. Famine, war and sickness has left families in dire need of care for their beautiful children. From the beginning of this adoption journey, nearly a year and a half ago, I had hoped to adopt from Ethiopia, but Matt just wasn't open to the idea. With all the trials that have been thrown our way, combined with our own lack of enthusiasm, Matt has slowly come to love the idea of making the journey to adopt one of these precious children. After researching the health, age and needs of the children we are hoping to bring home, we have decided to apply for a healthy infant. The children being referred are as young as 4, 5 or 6 months and as old as 3 years. The Ethiopian government prefers the youngest parent (that would be Matt) to be no more than 40 years older than the adopted child, so we definitely qualify for a much younger child.

Below is our expected timeline. As with any other adoption this is only a guestimate and nothing is guaranteed. We could be denied for any number of reasons or our finances simply don't work out (this is a shorter program which means we'll have to figure out how to earn the money swiftly. Mom has been working on a hand-made lace table cloth which we will auction on Ebay and I will make more jelly this fall, both of which we hope will sell well). The program is gaining lots of interest, with more families traveling down this path. This means that the wait could lengthen considerably, so please take the following with a grain of salt!

Homestudy: 1 month (our SW is nearly done so it could be less)
Review Homestudy: 1 month (looking for accuracy before going to USCIS)
USCIS: 2-4 months (Washington is a lengthy process)
Dossier To Ethiopia: 1 month (for translation/verification of packet)
Wait to referral: 4-10 months (for non-special needs infant)
Wait to travel: 2-4 months (for a scheduled court date)
Length of stay in Ethiopia: 5-7 days
Total: 11 months 5 days- 21 months 7 days


LISA said...

Glad you found my blog! So, you are a pro at adoption by now!!
Where at in Kansas did you live? And now? (i have read enough yet!)
The CHI office in KC is pretty much shutdown now. One person mans phone,and she is moved to a very small office i hear.We have to use St Louis,that's pretty much it.
We were so happy with the KC office. Met wonderful workers there!

Heather said...

So glad you're continuing down the road, even if you are taking the scenic route to get there!
We're still waiting to get our dossier back from the consulate, DH mailed it regular mail of all things. No physical harm was done to the man when I found out, I promise.
Did like your post about naming the kids after their continent of origin. Think it could get pretty interesting pretty quickly.
Take care
Heather BT