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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sad News

Most people were not aware of the fact that we had found a handsome 4 year old deaf boy waiting in China whom we wanted to adopt. We applied to the CCAA almost 2 weeks ago and were beginning to prepare our home for this special addition.

We arrived home from vacation late yesterday afternoon, around 7:00pm, to a few messages. The most important one was from WACAP (the agency that is helping us to adopt our next child). Our case worker left a message requesting we call her back ASAP. So, this morning I made the call, fully expecting to receive news that we received PA (Pre-Approval) already. We were not so fortunate: "Our Son" was recently adopted by a Chinese family meaning he was lost to us. Though we are crushed at the thought of loosing the child whom we were beginning to think of as our own, Matt and I are thrilled that he is now living with a family who will love and cherish him as much as we would have. He will be given an intimate knowledge of his heritage and will be educated fully in sign language and will become a very successful member of Chinese society.

To be honest, I don't truly know what will happen to him, but I like the life I have described and will continue to think of him living in this manner.

Now that my tears have dried we will begin to move forward (again) with our next adoption. It may take anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on whether or not we find another special needs child who will fit within our family.

Sending you all our love,
Manette & the gang


Carol and Taylor said...

HI Manette,

So sorry your family is experiencing the absolute lowest "dip" on the adoption rollercoaster that we ride. I just hope your journey back up won't take too long. I so admire your courage for staying on it.

Myself? I'm done! T has singlehandedly moved me off the rollercoaster to a perpetual Tilt-A-Whirl of life ride. I swear she keeps me so turned around and dizzy I often don't know which way I'm going, and whether I'm up or down.

Seriously, though, I'm so sorry for your loss and pray you find your son or daughter soon.

With Sympathy from Miami,

Carol and T

p.s. Digging the house!

Liene said...

Manette - I saw your post on a certain message board this morning. I am so sorry. That has got to be hard. I actually know what it's like to lose a child who you had hoped to adopt. BTDT and it's devastating.

I'm hoping that you find another child very soon. There are lots of them out there needing a home. You know how long we've been waiting for our special little girl. I'm beyond ready for her to join our family. If only we could find her...

Take care.