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Friday, July 11, 2008

OH NO....

As I was editting my last post (about rude people) I heard the front door close. I immediately thought Matt had come home for lunch, but got up to double check anyway since the kids were down stairs watching a cartoon. Just as I reached the bedroom doorway I heard M yell, "MOM, C JUST WENT OUTSIDE BY HERSELF!!!" This has been a huge concern sincewe brought C home, especially since she has absolutely no idea she cannot simply wander where she will (she has a hugely strong personality and feels that she can do what she wants, whenever she desires).

Needless to say, there was no more moseying down the stairs to greet my hubby... I RACED down the steps and dove out the front door. I was terrified, but thankfully C was standing just outside the door talking to our neighbors. She's in serious trouble and I'm doing all I can to ensure she doesn't do that again!!! She's been restricted from playing outside today and is being told every time she asks why she cannot go out to play with her friends that she cannot just go outside whenever she wants to. She spent almost 10 minutes in time out just to make sure the point was driven home. Yelling in sign language is a lot easier than many would think... The body language tells all!!! Our poor neighbor thought I was angry with her, but it wasn't her fault. C just went off!!! This was the first time she made it out the door, though she's tried to go play with her friends without telling me about 4 times now.

Hopefully, next time she'll think twice before doing that again! And from now on I'm locking the screen door!!! Oh My Gosh!!!

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