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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ethiopian Connections

Monday was an extremely busy day for my gang. First, we had to drop Matt off at work so that the kids and I would have the van. We followed this little jaunt with a trip to M's doctor. We completed the morning and early afternoon with a drive to Seattle to visit C's Dr.

Dr. K, M's physician, is a very nice lady. She's tiny in weight and height with about the same stature as our 6 year old son, making M feel far more comfortable than another more robust Dr might do. The appointment seemed to go well, though she adamantly requested we see her again as a couple (without M) next week. Talk about nerve-wracking... She wants to evaluate some documents we completed. Ugh!

C's appointment with her Dr. is always and hour and a half long. M did well keeping quiet and maintaining good behavior, but C didn't want to cooperate for her testing. Since these regular screenings are for mapping (adjusting her Cochlear Implant through computer technologies to give C more listening abilities) it is imperative that she cooperates. Meg had to up the interior volume whereas last visit the volume was lowered. I think this was, in part, due to us not making her wear the device for several weeks. But, she's getting back into her routine of wearing it, so maybe it will make a difference for the next visit (in 3 months).

Now to the point of this story: While we were initially waiting to check in at the Children's Hospital there was an Arab/African family (mother and daughter) sitting in the waiting area. A somewhat older gentleman (about the age of my parents... Not that your age is astronomical, Ma) who walked up and stood in front of the mother and child. They were sitting right next to M, C and I, so I stood up to offer the gentleman my seat. He politely refused, but I explained that I had just driven and hour and a half and so would be more than happy to stand. At this point I turned to C and M and really didn't give him an opportunity to reply. This was not done to be rude, by any means, but rather the kids needed my attention.

Shortly after my second offer the family was called back for their appointment. Before leaving the gentleman came up to me and politely explained his reason for not taking a seat. It surprised me and was such a wonderful occurance. He gave me his card before leaving and included an offer to help.

What was his reason? In his country it is illegal for a man to take a seat while a woman is standing. What country is he from? Ethiopia! That's right, Ethiopia... Where we hope our next child is waiting. Tears immediately began to pour down my cheeks and I blubbered our intent to adopt a beautiful baby from his amazing country. It was a swift but rewarding conversation, for which I feel extremely lucky!!!

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