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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Children Of Huang Shi

The movie entitled "The Children Of Huang Shi" seemed extremely intriguing to me, most likely due to the fact that it took place in China. Because my daughter is Chinese, I tend to gravitate towards most things Chinese, just as I tend to gravitate towards most things Japanese and Korean in honor of my son. Well, this movie has since become even more interesting after I found this article posted to a blog for the film in a post dated March 13, 2008. It indicates that the actual events took place in Shaanxi Province, which is the province from which C was adopted, rather than Hubei Province as the film indicate! How interesting is that?!? Obviously, the feeling of the movie won't change, but it's neat to know this information for when I actually am able to watch the movie.

Follow this link to read the full text:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Chow Yun-Fat - Radha Mitchell - Michelle Yeoh

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