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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Full of Family and Fun

What a weekend... We left our house on Thursday afternoon on a 13 hour drive to visit my family in California. We arrived early Friday morning and immediately decided that we were way too old for those types of trips. What made it even worse was the idea that we would be repeating it on Sunday night.

But, the drive was well worth it... We were able to enjoy all the love that my family has to offer (minus by brother and his family, who were missed greatly). Several aunts, uncles, and cousins showed up for M's birthday along with my two grandfathers, a dear family friend, and Nonno's girlfriend. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially M and C. We did absolutely no work (odd since my dad is a work-a-holic) the entire weekend and simply lounged around enjoying the "cool" weather and the company.

On our drive home, sadly, we saw so many deer carcasses. It was as if the deer had decided to become kamikaze pilots sacrificing themselves in order to destroy the rolling metal death traps that vehicles are known for among the deer population. In fact, as we rounded a corner, Matt exclaimed "This is going to hurt" right before I heard the sickening crunch of bone and meat as it was ground into mush. As we rounded a sharp corner, our Mazda MPV struck a dead deer that had been struck down earlier in the night. The corner was sharp enough that it prevented Matt from taking evasive action leaving momentos in the form of bone, hide, and meat attached to the underbelly of our van.

Overall, the trip was a success and we can hardly wait until the family reunion in August.

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